miriah meyer

Dept of Science & Technology
Linköping University

Linköpings Universitet
Kopparhammaren 2, MIT/ITN
601 74 Norrköping, Sweden
miriah (dot) meyer (at) liu (dot) se

Kopparhammaren 2, room 3048
Campus Norrköping

My research group creates visualization systems that support exploratory, complex data analysis tasks for people and problems in the world. These systems allow people to learn about their data, reframe their problems, and disrupt their thinking.

We take a collaborative, application-driven approach to research, relying on methodologies from computer science, design, social science, and humanities. The practice of designing visualizations allows us to learn about how visualizations work in the world, how people relate to data, and how we can design technology for a more inclusive and responsible future.

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